Harris Stories

Saving holiday dinners gone awry, making childhood memories or just an iconic Quad Cities experience? Harris Pizza does has been as much a part of your lives as it is of ours. Read some of our favorite stories or share one of your own.

My memories of Harris Pizza date back over 25 years – my husband (boyfriend at the time) took me on our third date to Harris Pizza. It became a tradition and we have Harris Pizza twice a month. Always a large sausage and always as good as the first pizza.

- Sue K., Bettendorf

I was bottle fed on Harris Pizza. Every Friday night growing up at our house was Harris Pizza night. It was always special because as kids, we also could have a bottle of pop when we got pizza. It was usually a large sausage pizza and as we grew, a small was eventually added to the order. My family has since moved away from the area, my parents are in Missouri/Arizona, my sister in Texas and my brother in Colorado. A couple of years ago we celebrated my parents 50th wedding anniversary in Missouri and… you guessed it, I was in charge of lugging Harris Pizza for our family gathering!  As I got closer to my destination, I called and the ovens were turned on so they could be baked as soon as I walked in the door. I was royalty for the weekend because I delivered Harris. They all have the same opinion…”You just can’t find good pizza anywhere in the United States that compares to Harris!”

- Jodi M., Moline

We had a good friend over in Iraq just out of Bagdad who was missing home.  The one thing that reminds people of home is Harris so we sent him a Harris Pizza. He ate half cold and the other half he warmed up on the grill just so you could smell it. He sent photos of how much he enjoyed his pizza.

 - Patti & Van W., Davenport

As a kid, I was an only child and we ordered Harris all the time but on Christmas Eve we would order it and leave a sausage Harris Pizza and Pepsi in the bottle for Santa! Every year till I was about 11 or 12 we did this. My dad always told me it was what Santa liked, that he was "sick of cookies!"

- Nikki L.

About 10 years ago I was pregnant with my first child and was having the worst morning (afternoon and night) sickness. I remember one night we went out to dinner to Harris Pizza and I figured it would be my typical night of not keeping anything down. I found the one and only thing that I could eat and not have one ounce of morning sickness.... Harris Pizza! I ate that pretty much my whole pregnancy and my daughter is the biggest fan to this day! I just wanted to thank the people at Harris Pizza for helping me through it.

- Shilo F., Davenport

I remember in the early '60's, Harris already had a location in the west end of Davenport, on 3rd Street.  Pizza was still a fairly new thing in the area, and people used to park their cars where they could watch the pizzas being thrown.  It was a big deal when my brothers were old enough to go up to the window and watch by themselves.

- Mark H.

My husband and I had been trying unsuccessfully for a couple of years to have a baby and had finally given up the idea. One cold February day I walked into the large warehouse I was working in and immediately smelled Harris sausage pizza. I looked around and couldn't see any, but I knew somebody in that building was eating one! I went on a mission to find it and it was in fact a large sausage! A co-worker at that point suggested that such a keen sense of smell might be attributed to pregnancy.  Sure enough, I was pregnant, and 13 years later the smell of a Harris sausage pizza always makes me smile.

- Jody M.

My mother died on January 29th, 2010. After the visitation we had lots of family from Chicago (15) spending the night. We were going to gather at my brother's house to eat & reminisce. Someone suggested pizza.  I called and ordered four large Harris pizzas to pick up on my way home from the visitation. My brother (not knowing I was already getting pizza) called from the funeral home and ordered four large pizzas to pick up from a national chain pizza place.  It was nearly 8:00 pm and everyone was starving, but even though my brother arrived before I did, the cousins told everyone they may want to wait because "Pam's bringing Harris pizza".  Some grabbed a slice of the other pizza, but those who had tried Harris before said, "You can eat that pizza if you want --but trust us—Harris is the best!"  

- Pam M., Davenport

My husband and I have been married for 44 years and have raised three children. My son lives locally, and my two daughters now live in Denver. We have been eating and loving Harris Pizza all of our lives. Since my daughters relocated to Denver they have been unable to find a pizza as good as Harris Pizza. So for the past ten years, Harris pizzas have traveled to Denver on a regular basis after being half- baked and then frozen.  We have found a cooler that will hold six large pizzas along with dry ice that works perfectly for the trip to the Mile High City.  As their parents, it has been our responsibility to make sure that they get their fair share of Harris Pizza – for Christmas, birthdays or any other occasion that they can come up with for a Harris "gift".

- Ann H., Moline

In the early 70's my fiancé introduced me to Harris Pizza. After we were married, our apartment was the gathering place for his buddies to watch their favorite sporting events, i.e, The Masters, March Madness, The World Series. It was not uncommon that someone would announce "I'll buy if you'll fly" and the pizza order was called in and somebody would "fly" over to 14th St. to get it. I can't remember what we were watching one night but nobody volunteered to "fly". Most likely, because nobody was sober enough to go. So everyone chipped in and called a taxi to pick up the pizzas and deliver them.

- Jeanne B., Davenport

The following is a true story of how Harris Pizza saved a Thanksgiving from being a disaster.

 It was November 1999 and my husband was offered a career move to the Quad Cities. So we left Buffalo, New York and headed west for an 11 hour drive. When we arrived in the Quad Cities it was pretty quiet, actually it seemed kind of abandoned, hardly any traffic, and no one was out and about. My husband reminded me it was Thanksgiving Day, and after driving around for a while looking at our new community,  it got toward dinner time, and our search for a place to eat suddenly became a task. We started to panic a little when we passed restaurant after fast food restaurant and they were all closed.

 So, as we drove into Bettendorf, we saw that Harris Pizza on 18th street was still open! We walked in and they said they were just about to close. We explained we were from out of town and here for the first time, and how we would be spending Thanksgiving in a hotel room eating pizza if they would be so kind! They felt for our situation and the employees all agreed to stay a little longer to cook us the most amazing pizza we had ever had.  We couldn't get over the hospitality that Harris Pizza showed to us on that day.

 We took the pizza back to our hotel room and knelt around the coffee table to eat.  We had a lot to be thankful for that day; food, the kindness of others and the opportunities ahead of us in our future home. We have six kids and till talk about that Thanksgiving Day in 1999. This past November the kids wanted to celebrate our 10 year anniversary in the Quad Cities with a hotel room and Harris pizza.  Thank you to those employees who were working that Thanksgiving day in 1999. You were ambassadors to the Quad Cities and a saving grace to a New York family.

- Debborah D., Davenport

In December of 2005, my husband was diagnosed with end stage Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency, a genetic disease. In June of 2006 he was given six months. In late June 2006 he became a patient at the Liver Clinic, University of Iowa. For two years and two months, we visited the clinic weekly, and many weeks spent as inpatient. In the Fall of 2006, Don decided he wanted to do something fun for the Liver Clinic, so on special days, I would pre-order three large Harris pizzas, we would pick them up, enjoying that wonderful aroma all the way to Iowa City. The valet parking would help Don into a wheelchair, and we would stack the pizzas on his lap and off we went to the 4th floor. It was always a banner day; even one of the nursing assistants, who was a vegetarian, said she had to have a bite and it was the best she had ever tasted. So, future trips always included one veggie! Though Don was on a very strict diet, one of the nurses (with the doctor's best wishes!) would sneak a tiny piece to Don.  We probably could have taken plants or flowers or candy, but the HARRIS pizza was their favorite...The memories of my husband's smile when I wheeled him in with those huge pizzas will last a lifetime.

- Gretchen G., Rock Island